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My designed cloths!

Hey everyone!


I hope you all are having a fantastic summer even tho here in sweden the weather is typical sweden summer ... RAIN that is.. well well, Im happy anyway.

I belive I'll get the sun for my vacation next week ;) 


So did you all see that I now have designed cloths that can be bought online?




If not here is the link:


Im only doing the designs, then VIDA is responisble for the production and shipping. 

For the 10 first who buy my designs VIDA have made an offer that those will recive a 25$ gift card on VIDA to use for the next phurcase.

And if you decide to buy something from my collcetion before 18/7 -2016 use the code: 

welcome15-0710    - To recive 15% on your order.

welcome50-0710    - To recive 50$ off if you buy for more then 250$.


And as is thats not enough? If you buy something from my collection, send me an email and you will recive a special gift from me aswell! <3







13 Jul 2016

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