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7 May 2017





As you can see I have started to make cakes!

How fun ain't that??


I'm about to start a new job, my gallery/ateljé is done and will be open during the summer, hopefully start school after this summer and I will make cakes on order!


Hope to see you all this summer!

New Youtube video!

22 Jan 2017

Check out my new youtube video!




More videos and tutorials about how to draw/paint will come soon!


16 Jan 2017

Hey Everyone!


New year = new art ;)


This is my latest encaustic art painting, donetoday...



There will be a youtube video of this one when I get time to upload it. But there is a few other new youtube videos up if you are curios!


This year will sadly, be even less time for art... as Im working full time + studying at the same time...

But then again, I hope I will be better on updating my blog and my youtube as I love both of them.


If you want to have the best updates, follow my Instagram as I publish artworks in progress there and other random drawings.


Have a great night!

Work in progress

12 Nov 2016

Hi everyone!


Hope you are having a great weekend.


This is the latest peace of art I'm working on:




This is a oil painting, the first painting done with oil since I changed my name! 

That makes it very special ;)

Plus I'm trying a new tecnique for this one so thats even more special!





And those who have followed me the last years know I have not done to many oil paintings, but this might be the first of many to come.



It will be for sale, and its 30x40cm and is painted on a canvas.




Christmas Cards!

9 Nov 2016

Hi everyone!


Sorry for beeing so quiet lately.


So, christmas is on its way!?!? Yeah just like every year ;)

I have handmade cards for sale if you want to give something extra to your loved ones this year!!


4 cards - 100 Sek.

Just poke me on FB or send an email to [javascript protected email address] to make an order.

The picture in this post is just to show you the style of the cards. They will all be unique and different!




Encaustic Art Christmas Cards!!!!!



My designed cloths!

13 Jul 2016

Hey everyone!


I hope you all are having a fantastic summer even tho here in sweden the weather is typical sweden summer ... RAIN that is.. well well, Im happy anyway.

I belive I'll get the sun for my vacation next week ;) 


So did you all see that I now have designed cloths that can be bought online?




If not here is the link:


Im only doing the designs, then VIDA is responisble for the production and shipping. 

For the 10 first who buy my designs VIDA have made an offer that those will recive a 25$ gift card on VIDA to use for the next phurcase.

And if you decide to buy something from my collcetion before 18/7 -2016 use the code: 

welcome15-0710    - To recive 15% on your order.

welcome50-0710    - To recive 50$ off if you buy for more then 250$.


And as is thats not enough? If you buy something from my collection, send me an email and you will recive a special gift from me aswell! <3







New day, new adventures!

11 Jul 2016


New homepage layout again.. The page will be under construction for some time! I was not happy with the last hompage provider so I decided to go back to my old one but I did take my domain with me so that will be soon and not!

Whats new?


I got my artwork on cloths now, how cool aint that!? I have 5 new planned exhibitions for the next 12 months. 4of them are not located in Sweden!

More about this in my next update!


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